Good News

Good news (well mostly). As many of you know, I was hired for a computational training and support manager position in the Department of Chemistry at Boston University. I have been working there since February and it has been great. My work is a combination of providing IT support and support for application of scientific software. It has been interesting learning my way around a new place and working with so many new people. The only downside is that I am living in Boston during the week while Suzanne and Kyle are still in NJ as we get the house ready to put on the market. (We have a lot of stuff to go through.) I travel to NJ every weekend, but it’s not the same as being there all the time.

Suzanne has to be in RI this week for work, so she and Kyle are coming up to Boston for the long weekend. This should be nice as we’ll get to spend a couple of extra days together and I won’t have to travel home to NJ. We’re going to hit the Children’s Museum on Friday. (I can get a pass for deeply discounted admissions from our library.) I remember this as being great while growing up and we think Kyle will love it.

I have added a few new photos of Kyle since the last update, but those have been up for a bit. I plan to get a few more up this week and will likely get a bunch up next week.

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