Disney Trip Report Part 3: Tues 10/20 – Epcot & Hollywood Studios

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I know we had spent Monday morning at Epcot, but the schedule worked out for it again on Tuesday as I had to return the rental car to the Dolphin hotel. Suzanne and Kyle took the bus as we had to take out the car seat for Kyle. We met up at The Land where we hopped in line for Soarin’. This ride regularly had 60+ minute waits, even when Test Track and Mission: Space were only 20-30 minutes. First thing in the morning, we waited around five. (The walk to the line took longer than the wait.) This is probably the second biggest attraction at Disney World, after Toy Story Mania. It was an excellent ride and Kyle loved it aside from the fireworks at the end. Next it was Living with the Land again and then on to The Living Seas with Nemo. The ride was cute. Kyle wasn’t excited about Turtle Talk, but once it started was enthralled. He didn’t want to sit up front with the other kids, but then wanted to move once it started. For those you don’t know, Turtle Talk stars Crush from Finding Nemo and he interacts with the audience, including the kids. It is phenomenally well done. Kyle was disappointed he didn’t get to talk to Crush, so we put it on our “do again” list for later in the week. We then did the Fire Prevention exhibit at Innoventions, which Kyle wasn’t into as much as I thought he’d be, had lunch at Sunshine Seasons in the Land (excellent roast chicken and desserts), and then headed back to catch the bus to the hotel for a quick play on the beach and a nap.

Hollywood Studios

After nap time, it was off to Hollywood Studios, formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios. I remember our first trip after it opened and it seeming like there wasn’t a lot to do. It’s still sort of that way, though there are more shows and a couple of big ticket rides. Our first stop was near Playhouse Disney to meet some characters, especially Handy Manny. Kyle & Handy Manny(We had planned to return later in the week to see the show as our schedule didn’t allow it now.) After meeting him along with the three of the four Little Einsteins, we headed up to Mama Melrose’s for our dinner reservation. The hostess asked if we were interested in the Fantasmic Package, which gives you priority seating at the show. (People generally line up 60-90 mins before.) Normally these are very hard to get but Disney added shows to a number of nights, including this one, only a few weeks before. I had considered calling and asking for a package but figured the show would be too intense for Kyle. As the hostess sat us, she told us to tell the server we were interested even if we weren’t as we got an appetizer, which is not normally included on the Dining Plan, which we did. (We ended up giving our priority pass to another family of three.) We then asked if we could get the calamari for two as our appetizer, the server said “Yes” and then looked at Suzanne and asked what she wanted. (I wonder if we could have gotten the mixed antipasto for 2 as well.) The food was very good.

After dinner, we took Kyle up to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground which we loved. Unfortunately, they closed at 6:30, so we only got a few minutes. We then headed back towards the gate (HS was closing at 7:00). The wait for the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster was only 20 minutes and this was one of my “must-dos” (along with Tower of Terror and Expedition Everest since they were new and Big Thunder Mountain for nostalgic purposes; Space Mountain was closed for renovations). In fact, RnR has a single rider line, so I ended up getting right into the pre-show without waiting. The coaster was excellent, though it’s the only launched one I’ve been on.

After this, it was back to the hotel. We managed to get in a swim since it was early. The young kids’ play area closed at 8:00 once the lifeguards left, so we didn’t have much time there. Kyle loved the
zero-entry aspect of the big pool and had lots of fun.

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