Disney Trip Report Part 7: Sat 10/24 – The Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom

Once again, it was a late morning. We had a nice swim. We finally managed to convince Kyle to use the slides in the play area, and he loved them. At the Magic Kingdom, we started in Toontown. Kyle picked out a stuffed box of Mr. Potatohead parts in the store and hit Mickey’s House and Minnie’s House, the latter twice. We then stopped by Pooh’s playground for a stretch before hitting lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Afterward, it was back for another ride on Pooh and a stint of water play at Ariel’s Grotto. At Chef Mickey'sWe then headed out of the park for our dinner reservations at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary resort. Kyle finally got to ride the monorail, which he had been asking to do all week. He was bit fussy, but that stopped once he saw Donald in the restaurant. The meal was pretty good. Kyle loved the Mickey-shaped ravioli, but not the sauce. The kitchen gave us a whole bowl without any sauce, which was an extra nice touch. Chef Mickey’s has the “big five” characters, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, so it was really great. We had decided to eat here on something of a whim (originally having 8:05 breakfast reservations — I’m so glad we snagged dinner ones) and were very happy we did. It was a great way to bring the trip to a close.

After dinner, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. It would have been shorted to walk, but Kyle insisted on the monorail. It was nice to see the Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts up close. Back in the MK, we headed back to Pooh’s playground and did the Pooh ride one last time. Kyle wanted to do Pirates again and the line was “only” 30 minutes, so he and I went. Most of the time, Kyle and Suzanne went off together while I did something on my own, so it was nice for that to be reversed. After Pirates, it was off to the TTA (again) and Buzz Lightyear. (Kyle and Suzanne managed to score 270,000 points, beating me by a mile.) Another trip on Dumbo and the Tea Cups and Kyle was done for the day. We headed back to Frontierland and I hopped on Big Thunder Mountain for one last time. We were hoping to get back early to do some packing, but that didn’t happen as it was after 11:00 when we returned to the hotel. It was surprising how much more crowded it was today than it had been during the week.

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