Germany Day 7 – Off to Munich

The alarm went off early again at 8:00. After a quick breakfast, during which Kyle had nothing aside from drinking a cup of hot cocoa, we did our final packing and dragged our luggage through the snow to the train station. (Yes, at points I had to literally drag the suitcase as the snow was piling up and preventing it from rolling.) Once there, many trains were delayed due to the “heavy” snow. (The area did get probably 6+ inches and it was much earlier than normal.) Our train ended up being about 20 minutes late out of Nürnberg and 40 minutes late into Munich. However, we were better off than the earlier train to Munich that was 90 minutes late or the train to Munich that was canceled. It turns out that the reservations I had gotten on Monday were actually for Tues and not today. Oh well. I thought about going out last night, but decided not to as it was only a hour. Luckily, the train was not the least bit crowded and we even got a four-seat place around a table.

Coming into Munich was fine, though I felt bad for people who had connections when they announced we were too late to hold them, including the train to Budapest. After trying one of the tram/strassenbahn stops, we found the one we needed. The tram came quickly and it was a short ride to our stop. We are very happy with our apartment so far. It is clean and good sized. We are just down the street from a good-sized (especially by German standards) supermarket and right next door to a bakery. The view is so-so for us, but Kyle loves it as we are very near a construction site.

After relaxing a bit and having lunch, we headed out to visit the Christmas market. The tram right across from us drops us at Karlsplatz, which is the very beginning of the main pedestrian shopping street. Suzanne and I were here on our first European trip in 2000, but only for a day and half or so and didn’t really see much. (We kept meaning to return during our time in Marburg, but never quite made it.) We walked down here for a bit, arriving at Marienplatz and the main market in front of the old city hall. It’s quite nice and fair sized. (There are several others in town we plan to visit.) We walked through it, grabbing a glühwein and a snack for Kyle while doing so. After hitting the main bookstore, which had a very nice view over the market from their elevator, and the department store, we decided to start thinking about dinner early. A few of the places I had recommendations for were near by, so we decided to check them out and found a couple of promising ones. We walked some more, taking a quick trip through the very quiet Viktualienmarkt, we decided to head for dinner. It was only 5:20 or so, but Kyle was complaining he was hungry. For dinner, we headed up to the Augustiner am Platzl brauhaus, which is kitty-corner to the Hofbrauhaus. The food was decent, though Kyle didn’t like his wiener sausage. (We weren’t surprised, but figured we’d give them a try. He at least ate some of the fries.) I had the schweinehaxe which was pretty good. The service wasn’t great, but the waitress did have another huge table. After dinner, we headed back to the apartment, stopping for a couple of items at the supermarket on the way. Suzanne had to put some laundry in now that we had a washer and dryer and we’re hoping to get Kyle down a little early since he was not happy about having to get up this morning and didn’t get a nap. I think tomorrow we’re going to head to the Deutsches (science) Museum which Suzanne and I really enjoyed in 2000.

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