Snowed Under

Cars drifted in snow

If you’ve seen the news in the past 24 hours or so, you have undoubtedly heard about the blizzard on the East Coast. It started snowing late yesterday morning, but really started to pick up by mid-afternoon. It was very windy and snowing at a couple of inches per hour for most of the night. It turns out that we’re in the band that got the highest snowfall, 20-30 inches. This is about right as I used a yardstick (a ruler wasn’t enough) to measure a few spots. Where it wasn’t drifted I was getting 2 feet.

Snow drifted against the front storm door

Some of the drifts, including the one along the street, were up to 30+ inches. We even had a good 8-10 inches drifted against the front door. I ended up having to go out the door on the side porch (which had 1-2 inches of snow despite being under cover) and slogging around to the garage to get out the snow shovels. Luckily, while the snow had drifted to 2 1/2 feet against the garage door, most of it had been blown away from a couple of feet in front of the door. After spending a couple of hours shoveling, we managed to clear the driveway from Suzanne’s car to the street and the front walk. My car is still buried, but it’s supposed to warm up by the end of the week, so hopefully at least some will melt.

Suzanne shoveling

The back deck - 19 inches on the table

Path on the back deck

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