Brief update and a few photos

It’s been a while since I did any kind of an update. Not that that much has changed in the past few months. We had a very nice Christmas, with Jack and Mary Lou coming up for some of the time. We both get the week between Christmas and New Years off, which is always nice. (Well … Suzanne actually has to take it as part of her vacation time as the plant is shut down.)

In late January, we had a wonderful birthday party for Kyle. It happened to be on the one day of snow we had all year, but the roads were decent enough to get around and no one was coming from very far. We had a science, mostly chemistry, themed party with a bunch of experiments making some kind of goo. Several people from my work loaned by stuff which was great. Suzanne did a wonderful job organizing it. I don’t have many photos as I was busy helping the entire time.

Kyle's birthday party

Kyle and Robby at Kyle's birthday party

Last weekend, Kyle had another party to go to at a bowling alley in Garwood. He had a great time. It worked out very well for us too as it was 4:30-6:00. Suzanne and I were able to leave a grab an early dinner at a nearby (excellent) Asian-fusion place by ourselves. Many kudos to Mikey’s parents. Sunday, we visited what will be Kyle’s day camp for most of the summer. It’s a really nice place (Oak Crest Day Camp), but not cheap. (At least his school year costs will drop a lot next year with full day school.)

Not too many plans for the near future. It looks like we’ll be heading our west to the Grand Canyon and southern Utah at the end of the summer. We’re still working on airline tickets, but we’re pretty excited. (Okay, maybe that wasn’t so brief.)

Extra: I had to toss in the one last photo of me at a recent metal (Megadeth & Motorhead) concert.

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  1. I didn’t. It’s from one of the concert photographers and I managed to find it online. I was right up front, just behind the person at the rail. Here’s another shot that shows where I was from the back of the crowd.

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