Mustangs and More Mustangs

Modern Mustangs

Saturday before last, I headed out to the Ford Nationals car show in Carlisle, PA, about a three hour drive. I didn’t know anything about this until a colleague of Suzanne’s, who has a 1965 1/2 Mustang (though heavily modified) mentioned it to her to mention to me after me buying mine a month or so ago. I met him at the house of a friend of his who has a 1969 (might be wrong on the year) and we “convoyed” out. It was cool to drive out there with them. I had a great time, though the ’69 had to be towed back as it quit just as we got to the show. (Turns out it was a minor issue but wasn’t easy to diagnose.) While the show was Fords of all kinds, it was probably 80%+ (of probably a couple thousand cars) Mustangs.

Of course, I took lots of photos

On the drive to PA

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