Trip to the Adirondacks

Kyle hiking up Mt. Goodnow

We were supposed to go on a Caribbean cruise in late July/early August. Of course, that fell through. We hadn’t planned to go anywhere but early in the summer my company decided to give us all a week in August off for summer break. We looked into going to Tennessee/Great Smokey Mountains NP but things were still up in the air in terms of Covid. We ended up waiting until just a couple of weeks before our week off to make a decision and ended up choosing to head to the Adirondacks in upstate NY. We wanted to keep within driving distance and decided to stay in NY or NJ due to the potential for quarantine, which both states have declared wouldn’t happen between them. (It would a real mess given the number of people who commute to NY City from NJ even now.)

We ended up renting a great place through AirBnB in Long Lake, a small town right in the middle of the Adirondacks about a five hour drive. We spent a couple of days doing some hikes/walks, visited Old Forge and Lake Placid, each about an hour away, and spent time relaxing. We had great weather aside from Thursday when it rained all day. (I took the opportunity to visit Raquette River Brewing in Tupper Lake, about 30 minutes north of Long Lake. I visited four other breweries plus a taproom during the week.) While more laid back than we had planned and way more laid back than last year’s trips (Croatia for Suzanne and me in May and then Paris and Germany for all three of us in August), it ended up being really nice break from work and a great refresher heading into the fall. Of course, I posted some photos (though I took literally only 15% of the photos I did in Paris and Germany).

View from summit of Mt. Coney