Photos from June/July trips to Cambridge and London

001S4_20150618_174706_expI just posted a few photos from our trip to Cambridge and London in June and July, mostly for events surrounding the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD50). Suzanne and I flew over Wednesday night, heading to Cambridge via car service Thursday morning. Normally, I take the train/tube/train, but there were three of us (a colleague was on the same flight — actually two and one’s wife, but they drove elsewhere first) so it made more sense for us to all get a car. We spent Thursday and Friday night in Cambridge, attending the black tie social event Friday night. Suzanne had been to Cambridge once before, but only back in 2002. We visited around town and hit the Fitzwilliam Museum, which I had never been to and was very nice. Saturday morning, we headed down to London for the night. While there, we hit the Courtald Museum, Covent Garden, the National Gallery, as well as doing some shopping on Regent Street and walking around Westminster. Our return flight was late Sunday afternoon. It was very nice for Suzanne and I to have a weekend away, even though it was a short trip with a long flight.

Ely Cathedral
The next Saturday, I flew back for the three day scientific symposium event. This was very nice and included an excellent talk by the creator of the CSD, Dr. Olga Kennard (who is in her 90s). The following Saturday, I took the 15 minute train ride up to Ely. This was a very nice visit, especially the renowned Ely Cathedral. On Sunday, my colleague, who stayed the whole time, and I flew back home. It was a hectic but good couple of weeks.