Early Summer

I know it’s been a while since the last update. We have done a few things in the past few months, mostly in May and June. In May, Kyle’s daycare had their Family Fun Day picnic. It was a great time. In early June, we took a day and headed off to Sesame Place (about 2 hours away). We really enjoyed it. The park is geared towards younger kids,so it was great for Kyle. Also, about half the park is a water park,and Kyle loves playing in the water. A great moment was when Kyle ran up to hug Cookie Monster. At the end of that week, Kyle and I headed to Florida to visit my Mom and Grandparents for a few days. I was a bit nervous about taking Kyle down there on his own without Suzanne,but everything went very well and we had a great time. Kyle was very well behaved. At the end of June (through July 4th), Suzanne’s parents came for a week to visit. We had a nice time. We even went to see fireworks on July 4th,which Kyle enjoyed. (The rest of us would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t for the rain. At least I got some good photos.)

Updated photos of Kyle are at:
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A camera club friend of mine recently opened a new studio. For the opening, he had a small open house, during which he took some photos of Kyle. He used one of these for an online photo competition site (where I also periodically submit). The photo did okay in the competition, but you can find it here. if you want to take a look. (Peggy, this is the one I mentioned.)

Our plans for the rest of the summer include our trip to Michigan for a week. We’re looking forward to this to visit some old friends and some places we like. Later, we’re hoping to spend a day at the shore and take in a baseball game (minor league about 20 minute from us).

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