Back from Michigan

Hey, not too bad this time. Not even a month between updates. We have been back from Michigan for a couple of weeks now. It was a wonderful trip and very relaxing. As much as I love traveling overseas, there always an element of stress involved. For this trip, we were basically visiting some friends and seeing some places that we had been several times before, so there wasn’t a real big push to “do it all”.

We spent the first night with Leslie (Paul’s graduate advisor). It was great to see her again (after 6 years) and she really enjoyed meeting Kyle. On Sunday, we headed up north to Paul Murphy’s house. He lives in south Florida now, but we coordinated our summer vacations to meet at his “summer” home. (It was his home before he moved and has been in his family for several generations.) Kyle finally got to go to his first beach. He loved making sand castles, but wasn’t all that excited about the waves. After Paul’s, we spent a couple of nights on Mackinac Island. For those of you who don’t know, Mackinac Island is in the strait between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. It’s unique in that it doesn’t allow cars and has a Victorian feel. It’s a bit touristy, but is still nice, especially at night. We seemed to have lucked out as it wasn’t all that busy. Then we headed to Ann Arbor, after stopping for a night in Birch Run to break up the trip. It was neat to see that not much had changed. We were able to hit the farmer’s market which is one of the nicest I’ve been to in the US. We also ate at couple of places we liked from our time there and did a “Meijer’s run”. Aside from having a defective gas gauge in the car (it would go to half and then stop there), we had a wonderful trip.

As for the rest of the summer, we still plan to head to shore and see a ballgame. We’re also planning a trip to city (tomorrow, actually). We going to be heading to NH to visit Paul’s Dad & Step-mom for Labor Day. That should be fun (except for the drive as Kyle thought the 3-hour trip from Paul Murphy’s to Mackinac and the 4-hour trip from Mackinac to Birch Run were too long). Then it’s on to fall stuff.

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