Back from Disney

Friends and Cinderella's CastleWell, we’ve been back from our trip to FL/Disney World for almost a week now. We had a wonderful time. We spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday with Paul’s Mom, Grandparents, Joe, and Paul’s Aunt & Uncle (who also happen to be visiting). It was nice relaxing weekend. We swam a bit on Saturday, but it was quite cool on Sunday. When we left Monday morning, it was only 50 degrees.

We headed to WDW first thing Monday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Kyle had a great time and was good most of the time. It was great to be back after having been there so often as a kid. (This was my 15th(?) trip, but I have only been three times for a total of four days since 1991.) The weather was pretty good, though it was in the upper 80s by the end of the week. It only rained twice, once while we were at dinner and once while we were on the bus. A real highlight was the Halloween party. I think we’ll try and his this again in the coming years. I have started going through the 2000+ pictures and will post some and a more detailed trip report in the coming weeks.

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