Disney Trip Report Part 1: Sat 10/17 & Sun 10/18 — At Mom’s

I’ll be posting each day over the next few days. You can also see our report as a single page.

Sat 10/17: Departure Day

I left work a bit early on Friday to make the drive home from Boston somewhat earlier than normal. I managed to get home around 7:00, which wasn’t too bad. Once we did the last minute packing, etc., we managed to get to bed around 10:30. However, the alarm at 4:15, for our 5:00 car service pickup, still came awfully early. The trip to the airport was uneventful and we had no problems checking our bags. Both were at 49 pounds; 50 is allowed. We hadn’t weighed them before, just lucky. (We had a duffel bag in one suitcase, so it wouldn’t have been hard to lighten one or both.) I do have to say it seems ages ago when we traveled with 31 lbs combined to Europe for two weeks. The flight down was fine, though we were about 20 mins late arriving.

After arriving, we grabbed our bags, changed Kyle from his PJs, and grabbed our car to head to my mom’s. (We got lucky and grabbed an HHR from National’s Emerald Club. This was good as we really needed the storage space.) We ended up getting to Beverly Hills around 12:30 after a stop at Publix for some groceries. We hung out at my mom’s house for a bit, doing some swimming despite the fact that is was only in the 70s (and the pool was 82). After a visit with my grandparents and Uncle John and Aunt Laura, who also happen to be visiting, it was a uneventful evening. We all turned in early since we had been up since 4:15.

Sun 10/18: At my mom’s

On Sunday, we hung around for much of the day. Suzanne, Kyle, and my mom went out to do some shopping. In the afternoon, my grandparents and aunt and uncle came over for some hot dogs and hamburgers. We wanted to get an early start the next morning, so it wasn’t a late night. We had a very nice visit over the weekend.

Links to photos

Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Caribbean Beach Resort & few other places

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