Pinewood Derby

His car did okay this year, coming in third in the Bear group (~12 cars), winning at least one heat, maybe two, and 6th in the overall (top three from each of the four groups). He was quite happy. He gets to go to the district race in March. Here’s a video of Kyle’s car being raced. His car is in the silver one in the nearest lane. (Skip to around 30 seconds for the action. I tried to edit it, but couldn’t get it in the right format.)

Here’s a couple of photos: Pinewood DerbyKyle's Pinewood Derby


Here’s a better photo of the car:
Kyle's Pinewood Derby Car

Kyle’s Pinewood Derby Car

Kyle and I managed to make a halfway decent looking car for the Pinewood Derby. It’s far from perfect (in fact, it’s a bit asymmetric as the saw blade was flexing as I cut the main shape), but it could be worse. The race is this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes.